Content Creation with Rapid Content Wizard – A Bird’s Eye Review

Content creation is a major part of online visibility and you need regular posts on your websites, blogs and profile pages on social networking websites like Facebook to establish and maintain a successful business over the web. The Rapid Content Wizard, brought out by the team of Alan Brown and Sean Donahoe, is billed to be a piece of effective software by the makers for online marketers and webmasters. Sean himself was an internet marketer for Warrior Forum. This Rapid Content Wizard Review tries to find out whether or not the software is really an able one for the job.

Product Performance

The performance of the app is really smooth and you are unlikely to have complaints in this regard. The drag and drop interface and customizable slider controls along with various other features make your content creation process much smoother and you will surely be able to create virtually endless number of articles for your websites, blogs and online campaigns. The interface is user-friendly and you are unlikely to encounter any difficulties in handling the program and making it work as you want.


The highlight of the program is the presence of many features that allow it to work not only for the purpose of content creation, but also for content promotion and search engine optimization. Based on the keywords and key phrases that you type in, the app looks for relevant content and gathers rich snippets and arranges them in a proper order. It allows you to add related YouTube videos, Flickr images, ClickBank and Amazon products and Infographics to make the posts more interesting for readers and monetize them well for you. You can schedule the posts for your WordPress-hosted blogs and websites as well as on the Facebook accounts of your choice.


The application does not come with a good support team as yet and you need to wait for days to get your queries answered by the support staff. This is one issue that the makers need to rectify immediately, if they want the app to make it big and welcomed by more users. The program also takes some amount of manual editing on your part to make the content ready for your use and fit for publishing. The initial registration on the product website and downloading of the app can also take some time for you.

Final Word

The application is good enough for people who want bulk content at the lowest expense and with minimal manual work on them. The software is recommended by this Rapid Content Wizard Review for one simple reason – it takes your content creation process many notches above simple generation and makes it more wholesome with content promotional features and added tools like video and image integration. The process, although not a breakthrough one, is definitely a blend of some of the best features of some of the high-priced spinner apps in the market and also consists of some innovative ones. If you are looking for some innovative app to create content, this one is definitely recommended.

Easy Sketch Pro 2 Review – What Makes this Software a Must-Buy?

The launch of the Easy Sketch Pro 2 app has been greeted with applause and curiosity in the virtual world and there are reasons galore for the same. For the uninitiated, this is possibly the first whiteboard animation software to hit the mainstream which promises creation of professional quality Doodle videos at the lowest possible cost. This Easy Sketch Pro 2 Review takes a look at the various features and functionality as well as the performance of the program and attempts to determine its usability in the actual sense.

great animation software

How Does It Work?

Created by designers and illustrators Paul Lynch Andrew Fox and Ian Jupp, this whiteboard animation software works in a very simple manner. You can simply add the images of your choice from the vast library of readymade pictures in the app, which is frequently updated. You may also add in images of your own choice from your collection. You do not need much knowledge to use the app. Its easy drag and drop interface makes the adding in and editing of images and other objects very simple. Once you add in suitable text, background music, voiceovers and effects, you can hit the “Create Video” button and almost immediately get the projects made. You can build an unlimited number of videos in this way and give your business the right push that it needs.


For a low fee that you pay only once, you can create unlimited numbers of videos for your own promotional needs or that of your clients. You can export your projects into various common and easy formats. Once created, you will find the videos to be comparable to those made by professionals and the best thing is possibly the fact that you do not need to hire anybody. With this whiteboard animation software, you can create the videos on your own without having prior skills and knowledge of handling similar types of work. Once you have made the videos, you can easily upload them to Google, Wisita, YouTube or any video sharing website that you like and boost your sales.


At the moment, the cost of this whiteboard animation software has been reduced to $27 from $47. However, it is unfortunate that this price reduction is only due to an ongoing discount offer which is set to expire soon. Buyers need to hurry to grab this app at the present rate or they have to pay the original price in case of a delay.


This Easy Sketch Pro 2 Review advises that you buy this app and benefit from its excellent features, if you have been searching for better promotional avenues for some time. Whiteboard animation is not only good for marketing but also useful for displaying your message in an entertaining manner and catching the attention of people in an innovative manner. This whiteboard animation software is, as of now, the only such offering in the market of its kind and if you have whiteboard promotional requirements this is one app you cannot miss for the world.